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Joy In The LordJeremiah Shoop & Fr. Brian Humphrey
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*Please enjoy this song as we hope it helps you to fall deeper in prayer. This is an original song written and recorded by Jeremiah Shoop and Fr. Brian Humphrey

This tenth and final episode of The Living Room entitled, “Evanga-what?!” focuses on the aspect of faith sharing in the New Evangelization. When we hear about the good things God has done in our lives, we experience the joy of the Godpel. And as this is our last episode, we decided to do some faith sharing ourselves. Thank you all so much for joining us on this video series. We hope it has enriched your faith and brought you closer to Jesus. It has been so much fun for us, that’s for sure. All glory be to God! Our Lady of Guadalupe, Star of the New Evangelization, pray for us.




Why do you think Jesus is so cool? Youth and Young



Share about your relationship with God right now. How is your prayer life going?

Parents and Godparents 

In your own words, describe the new evangelization and how we can participate in it. SCRIPTURE CHALLENGE Look up, read aloud and discuss John 4:1-42. Think about how it relates to the New Evangelization.



Each person tells the story of their faith journey!


This episode features the prayer song "Joy In The Lord" written and recorded by Jeremiah Shoop and Fr. Brian Humphrey

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