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_Pray In Me_Jeremiah Shoop & Fr. Brian Humphrey
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*Please enjoy this song as we hope it helps you to fall deeper in prayer. This is an original song written and recorded by Jeremiah Shoop and Fr. Brian Humphrey

This ninth episode of The Living Room entitled, “Just Breathe” focuses on the Holy Spirit as the action of God loving us. Sometimes we think we have to do a lot of work in prayer and forget that the Holy Spirit is the Divine Initiator who is mainly responsible for the work of our sanctification. We also hope to help the viewer foster a disposition of receptivity through our original prayer song entitled, “Pray In Me”. God bless you!


Episode 9 Questions


Describe what it means to be kind? What do you think will happen if you are kind to your family and friends?


Youth and Young Adults:

Choose one of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit that you think you have the hardest time manifesting. What changes in your life can you make so that you bear more of this fruit?


Parents and Grandparents:

Think about the last time you cried out to God in a way where words could not express your prayer. If you haven’t, describe why you would or wouldn’t let express yourself in this way.



This episode's prayer song "Pray In Me" was written and recorded by Jeremiah Shoop and Fr. Brian Humphrey


[The Living Room is a video series that uses song, prayer, scripture, church teaching and spiritual direction to help foster the life of Christ in the homes of the St. Mary Magdalen (Camarillo, CA) family. At the end of each episode there are “Questions for Further Conversation” as well as a mystery “Challenge”.]

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