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Youth Ministry&Confirmation

Youth Ministry&Confirmation

For all High School Sacraments

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Confirmation Ceremony is Sunday April 16, 2023 at the 5:00pm Mass

*Calltime for Candidates & Sponsors is 3:30pm*

Family & Friends will not be permitted inside until 4:30pm



Enrollment for the 2023-2024 year will begin in August 2023

2022-2023 Confirmation

*Below you will find a brief overview of our Confirmation program and requirements*

*Confirmation is a 2-year process for Candidates who are at least in the 9th grade to start. 

*A Candidate can begin their Confirmation journey when they reach the 9th grade. 

*Candidates that are 18 or older will not enroll with us but will enroll in the R.C.I.A. (Adult program) for info. on that program or email Michelle Shoop:

​We feel that in-person gatherings are critical for the wellbeing of our youth physically, mentally and spiritually.

2022-2023 Class Year

*These in-person gatherings are subject to change due to unforeseen emergencies


In-person classes begin in October 2022

  •  Sunday nights from 3:00p-4:30p.

  • Class continues as we go to the 5:00pm Mass

  • Candidates can be picked up after Mass back at the Hall

  • Candidates MUST join us at Mass in order to receive credit for class attendance

  • For each missed class, Candidates will require to turn in a 1-page Hand-written essay about a Catholic Saint of their choosing.

  • Both Year 1 & Year 2 Candidates are required to attend their retreat!

  • Year 2 Candidates will have an additional Retreat Fee (Amount is $250)

  •   Year 2 Retreat Date is  

  •   Fridy November 11-Sunday November 13  

  • All Candidates MUST attend a minimum of 4 C.H.A.O.S. Youth Group Nights throughout the 2022-2023 year

Candidate and Parent Meeting is Sunday October 2, 2022

 in the church hall

Las Posas rd.




***Please note that our schedule may change at anytime to new restrictions or less restrictions due to Covid-19 or for other emergencies. For this reason ALL CONFIRMATION FAMILES MUST FOLLOW US ON OUR INSTAGRAM (@smmym805) AND YOU MUST SIGN UP TO OUR GROUP MESSAGE APP REMIND (

Confirmation Registration fee is $100.

Registration fee will be collected at first class.

Please send all questions and inquiries to

Jeremiah & Michelle Shoop:

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Confirmation Ceremony

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*Our email list and website is run directly by the St. Mary Magdalen Parish Staff. No personal information is ever sent out to any third party businesses*

*Our email list and website is run directly by the St. Mary Magdalen Parish Staff. No personal information is ever sent out to any third party businesses*

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